I just love my hair so much.

Come on. You’re better than that.

Even though I’m sad today my hair looks great!

I had a nice/horrible day.

I’m not exactly sure that makes sense.

I think I figured out some things which was nice, but also kind of hurt. I got my nails done, and although they look nice now that lady really kind of stabbed at my fingers/toes with her cuticle pusher which hurt very much.

Next week I’m going to Reno for four nights, then two weeks after that I’m going to Disneyland. I love that I get to travel so much, but at the same time it’s depressing because the only reason I can travel is because I’m not going to college like everyone else.

Now I’m going to try to sleep until Sunday, because Sunday means I can eat dollar hotdogs and bet on horses.

I’ll probably post pictures on my nails tomorrow. Maybe.

I just got a bunch of books.

  • Peter by Kate Walker
  • Rainbow Road by Alex Sanchez (Finally!)
  • Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford
  • And the ASOIAF set (excluding the latest book)

I don’t know where to start.



So my day was kind of shit.

I slept very little and realized how I actually don’t have any money, which sucks considering I’m going on a road trip next week.

But I had a good dinner and saw Friends With Benefits and have a wedding tomorrow, so…there’s that.

I’m drunk right now,

And people were mean, so I’m going to sleep in me room all day tomorrow and forget them.


These gifs have kind of nothing to do with anything, I just like them, and kind of think they fit. We’ll see them in the morning.

Graduation is on Friday. I feel like everyone is getting sentimental and crying over how they’ll miss everyone. I don’t have those feelings. I’m going to miss a few people but for the most part I can not wait to leave a lot of people behind.

Remember when I had a love life?